The Relationship Between Online Education and the Future of Your Business

By | June 12, 2023

As a parent of two teens, I pay very close attention to education and business trends. I was one of those mothers who stayed at home for years with my children, foregoing (by choice) a lucrative career and finding myself unemployable in high paying jobs, fortunately got retrained and now back again in business for myself.

Four years ago, about late 2008, I saw the trend of online education and enrolled my daughter in part-time middle school and on to high school online education. Many of the activities at school were a waste of time and talents… and may I say quite political and plain favoritism being played out!

Today at 17, she has graduated high school with a diploma, one year earlier than her peers.

What has this got to do with your business or my writing business?

I’ve just read an email from Copyblogger, one of the top blogs that I follow and admire recently, one month to be exact. The topic “how the explosion in online education can revolutionize your business.”

Just like the author of the article said, I am also a fan of university education but they are not created equal. The 6-figure price tag sure does not help if the child is not gaining any marketable skills after 4 years.

Again, what has this got to do with your business?

If schools and universities, the very traditional arenas, are recognizing the need to go online and are establishing more online courses and online presence… there are clues for parents and business owners like you and I to track:

One: You need a blog

If a small business owner like me could get my voice out there through a blog, you could too and build bigger than me because you already have a following.

My 17 year old has a blog and she is attracting clients to her site at the moment without paid advertising.

If written strategically, your blog could attract your ideal clients as well.

Two: Send emails to your readers and clients

I’ve been receiving emails just about a month ago from Copyblogger and I love it. They help me stay inform with their content and services. I’m too busy with projects and do not have time to google or read their blog posts on a daily basis.

Now they keep me inform and soon I will be a client.

If you have a list and do not send out emails or newsletters to your readers, clients or potential clients you are missing out.

Three: Social Media

Another avenue for searches are through social media platforms. There is tons of information that Google will non-display for you or to you. You will need written words for your social media platforms.

Are you feeling overwhelmed with no time, no clue, don’t know where to start with your blog, emails or written words on your social media platforms?